Music video

Here is a music video of the song “Miracle in December” which I always listen to on the first day of December.

Miracle in December

Hope you enjoy watching and listening to it.


One of my favorite film

Sweet sixteen 

At first, I went to watch this movie because I really like the main male actor – Kris Wu. But then the story really touched me as it was about true love but the story became tragedy in the middle of the film. It really touched me as he gave all his love to her, during the film, something horrible happened to her and she was hopeless and depress.Her boyfriend was training in the army so he couldn’t look after her. So he gave her sense of security.He was responsible and he end up being in prison because of her.I think the love between them was sorrowful, in life, there are times when we fall in love with the wrong person, but we keep waiting.


Furthermore, the quality of the film were amazing, I loved the different angle shot, especially it makes the appearance of actors stands out. The tone of the film makes the movie more smooth and gentle but the colour changed to darker tone when bad things starts to happened.

I think it is a film that I would definitely recommend to other people. The sound track were brilliant, the scenes in the film were well written and touching. There’s a video of one of the song in the film and you can watch it by clicking on the “sweet sixteen”.


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