Week 6

School work

In terms of accounting, we had different topics, which were ledger for accounts, trial balance, income statement, balance sheet, cash budget and calculating ratios.  I found income statement and balance sheet the hardest as it includes different calculations and being correct in order to get the right answer at the end. It is easy to make a mistake especially it’s hard to realize where I got wrong. With English, we had speaking, listening, reading and writing. There are different topics within them. We had compare and contrast, note and summary and processing. In economics, we are doing microeconomics, there are theories we have to learn and we are studying externalities recently. We did words documents, excel and blog and learning journals in CIT. We have to make a blog with learning journals we wrote previously and there were various tasks that we have to do during classes. The differences between these subjects were that accounting involves a lot of calculation, whereas in economics we are writing essays for the questions. In CIT, it’s more practical as we are doing the task in lessons. In English, we are just practicing different skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing.  We have course works on different topics such as compare and contrast, notes and summary and processes.Understanding of myself

Understanding of myself

During this term, I think I understood myself more as I can do tasks more quickly that I never thought I would. I understood whatever I do; if I work hard I can always improve. I found income statement and balance sheet very hard as there are always things to calculate and I always got bits muddle up. In order to get more marks for exams, I practiced past paper questions on these topics. So I get more use to the technique of doing the question. I found out that I can do tasks better when I’m focusing and answering carefully. I also noticed that sometimes I get distracted easily in class whereas I focus more during tests. But I’m often stressed in tests and exams. As I had lots of test during this term, I felt that I’m more comfortable and relax.

Relationships in school

Before I came to this school, I was worried about making friends. I was a bit shy at the beginning of term and it was hard for me to have conversation with other people. As we started the school for a long period of time now, I think the relationship between classmates is getting better and everyone is getting well with each other. We discuss questions together and we have group chat so we can communicate with each other after school or at weekends. I think it’s important to know each other well because we are always together for lessons and a strong relationship between classmates is always important. At first, there was barely any conversation between us, but gradually we are more open and welling to talk to each other. I think the relationship I build with people in school is getting better, and I made several friends outside the class. We often spend time in student common room and chat. Furthermore, tutor gave us lots of help on writing personal statement and doing UCAS for our university application. It was really helpful and I managed to send my application on time. I wish I can make more friends in school in the later years before going to university and I hope we will be stay in touch in the future or attend the same university. Moreover, I became chattier and open after coming to Bellerbys and I’m enjoying my life in school.

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Week 5

The purpose of studying CIT is to understand how to use different types of software and different functions. I found excel interesting as it can do calculation or graphs just by providing the basic numbers. I enjoyed learning most of the thing in CIT because I think is useful and I like exploring the use of different software. In words, I enjoyed finding the shortcut because before studying it I barely use any shortcut. The way we are taught in class is to download worksheet from studysmart and follow the instruction given and do the questions that were asked. We ask questions if we are struggled from the task.

computer room

Some tasks are harder than the others, when using something that I barely use before. I think it is useful to learn how to layout in word documents. It looks nicer and clearer when including different functions such as ‘Drop cap’ at the beginning of the paragraphs or use different font when writing different form of writing. I think I will need to learn more in detail of the functions in word documents as there are always things that I’ve never used yet. Lastly I enjoyed my CIT lessons, and I think I learnt a lot from lessons.

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Week 4

The reason why to study English is because it helps me with my study in other area. For example we learned how to do notes and summary when reading an article or listening to a talk. I think it is useful to know this skill for university. I found the English lessons in Bellerbys very different compared to my old school. In here, lessons are divided into four sections, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. For the lessons now, we have to compare and contrast whereas in my other school, we look at books and plays. I enjoyed practicing different skills in class and learn what I was weak at before. I found speaking the most difficult as we need to talk for two minutes without stopping, which is always my weakest. Also I think writing can be hard, but I think by listening to the instruction and the language we need to use, I found it easier. We were taught by the teacher telling us what kind of language we need to use, and we were given handouts and examples to practice.  We have speaking practice in class that we can listen to each other’s and give comments.  We also have practise test in class which we can practise within the time limit.

Week 3

I chose to study Business Foundation because I think it would be a good opportunity for me to learn the knowledge and it would be helpful for my study in university as I want to do economics in university. From lessons, I understood that in the Economy, there are finite wants but limited resources so people have to choose what they want and what to produce. In Accounting, we learned how to record spending or earning and there are credits and debits for accounts. The first few lesson of my accounting lesson was quite difficult as I never studied it before.I was confused and struggled to do the tasks but after all, I manage to understand the concept. I think I should read more books and do more exercise on accounting and economics; there are things I should learn more in detailed. I was taught in Accounting by making notes and do exercises to practice. In economics, there are handout and notes; also question sheets about the basic knowledge.

Week 2

There is a significant different between studying in China and the UK. Firstly, the teaching style in China is much stricter and during the class, students barely communicate with teachers.  We just sat there and only answer questions if they ask as. Teachers sets us enormously amount of homework and it is often due the next day, which is extremely hard to finish. In china, school starts quite early in the morning and finishes at around 5 in the afternoon. Students are exhausted during the day and have to finish more work at night. It is stressful whereas studying in the UK; we talked more in class and the time limit for work is longer. In my school in China, there were more than 40 students crowded in a classroom; however, there are only ten or more students within a class. I think the students in China and the UK is very friendly. Parents have a high expectation towards their children and they want their child to go to the best universities.

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Week 1

When I first arrived in the UK, it was raining and windy. It was strange because I could barely say anything in English. Everyone looked so different and the weather is completely different to China. On the way travelling to school, everywhere looked green but because it was quite late, it looked a bit creepy. I think the air in UK is fresher than Beijing and the environment is better.

My first impression of Brighton was the outstanding sea view; the sky was blue and the building around looked attractive. The wind was blowing into my face; it was freezing after walking around for hours.

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I would like to study Economics in University; I had my first Economics lesson in my last school and I really enjoyed studying it. It made my learned how resources are finite in the world so we have to make choices and grow the economy.

After graduation, I would like to work in a company to get an experience of how everything works. Furthermore I would like to have my own business if possible. At the moment, I’m still thinking about what my true interest is but I hope I’ll realize and know soon.

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